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About SafeStack Academy

Launched in 2020, SafeStack Academy is an online cyber security and privacy education platform made by SafeStack.

We provide training programmes that are engaging, budget friendly, and flexible — so you can meet compliance requirements and reduce risk, whatever the size of your team.

Our content is designed by experts to suit small businesses, growing companies, and development teams. Everyone has a part to play in staying safe online, and SafeStack Academy is here to help your team grow their security superpowers.

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Why do customers choose SafeStack Academy?

Our training is practical and people-focused, providing a range of benefits
to simplify your security journey and secure your business. 

Relevant and engaging
Compliance made easy

Our courses make compliance with international schemes like PCI DSS and SOC2 simple.

We provide great content along with easy reporting, so you can see how your learners are progressing.

Learning that sticks
Relevant, engaging, and ongoing

Cyber security is constantly evolving, and so is our content.

We provide new courses throughout the year as part of an ongoing programme, so your team is always up to date with what they need to know.

Community support
Flexible and budget friendly

You shouldn’t need a big budget to secure what matters most to your organisation.

Our programmes are created by experts, while still being affordable and flexible.

There are no minimum seat requirements and you can add or remove learners as you need to.

Relevant and engaging
Learning that sticks

We offer quizzes and hands-on lab exercises to turn theory into practice and help measure learner success.

You’ll get practical advice and tips you can use right away, as well as printable resources to keep and use whenever you need them.

Learning that sticks
Language you can understand

We all use technology to get the job done. That doesn’t mean technical jargon needs to be part of cyber security.

We speak in plain English and create useful content without the buzzwords — so everyone in your team can take part, whatever their background or experience level.

Community support
Community support

We know community matters, so we’ve built it into our Secure Development programme with monthly online seminars and office hours to help you get the most out of your membership.

Connect with our team and others in a community that supports you and your learning.

Online learning that grows with you

Whether you’re a smaller team just getting started with online learning or you’re all set up with a Learning Management System (LMS), we have options to suit.

SafeStack Academy platform

Who it suits
Smaller organisations with up to 250 learners.

What it is
A self-service multi-tenanted portal hosted and managed by SafeStack.

Private Learning Management System instance

Who it suits
Larger organisations with more than 250 learners

What it is
A private cloud hosted learning management system (LMS) instance that’s hosted and managed in conjunction with LearnUpon.

Content subscription

Who it suits
Organisations with an existing LMS.

What it is
Bundled courses delivered biannually by SafeStack Academy.

These are industry standard SCORM courses compatible with all major LMS systems.