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About Us

Founded in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand, SafeStack is a boutique cyber security company with a team that now stretches across New Zealand and Australia.

We believe everyone has the right to be safe and secure online, so we’re working hard to make world class security advice and education available for all through our advisory services, in-person education, and SafeStack Academy online training. We thrive on helping organisations manage their security risk without getting in the way of growth or innovation.

With a rapidly growing client list and a dynamic and innovative range of solutions, SafeStack is gaining a reputation for our refreshingly pragmatic approach to security at a time when the world needs it most.

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Our Team

Laura Bell

Laura Bell

Founder and CEO

With over a decade of experience in software development and information security, Laura specialises in bringing security survival skills, practices, and culture into fast paced organisations of every shape and size.

Laura founded SafeStack in 2014 to support security in fast growing organisations around the world.

She’s an experienced conference speaker, trainer, and regular panel member, and has spoken at a range of events such as BlackHat USA, Velocity, and OSCON on the subjects of privacy, covert communications, agile security, and security mindset.

She also co-authored Agile Application Security for O’Reilly Media.

Erica Anderson

Erica Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Having worked in most IT and tech roles, Erica can empathise with pretty much anything.

She’s been a consultant, engineer, tester, analyst, incident responder, and teacher, and has worked with all sorts of organisations, from small New Zealand businesses to global corporations. Being based in Wellington, Erica has also done her share of work in the public sector. She knows what it feels like to try and move fast while staying secure.

Aside from work and various speaking events, Erica loves causing general chaos in the New Zealand infosec community by running events like Kiwicon, Kawaiicon, BSides Wellington, and Code Club Aotearoa.

Jeremy Stott

Jeremy Stott

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is a problem solver, engineer, tinkerer,
hacker, and speaker. He follows his heart to do the things he loves.

This has taken him from embedded systems, to software development, to securing cloud infrastructure. He takes pride in his work, and will never understate the awesomeness of a flashing LED.

After work you’ll find Jeremy spending time with
his family, practising conference driven development, and brewing beer.

Maria Amparo

Maria Amparo

Graphic Designer

Maria is a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Spain and now based in New Zealand. She’s spent the last few years as a respected freelance artist and has recently moved into the commercial arena.

She likes SafeStack’s dynamic and creative environment, and enjoys working with the team to create fun and engaging online education content. Every day’s an adventure, and Maria is happy to be on that journey with people who support each other every step of the way.

Maria spends her free time reading and making amazing art.

Noush Isaac

Noush Isaac

Digital Marketing Manager

Noush has followed her curiosity, heart, and enthusiasm for being useful through at least a couple of different careers, collecting experience across communications, marketing, content creation, fundraising, brand, and design along the way.

What makes Noush tick is doing work that has a meaningful impact. She loves SafeStack’s commitment to security for everyone and is glad to be a part of making that happen.

She is also 100% the person who will bore you with stories about her dog.

Rachel van der Merwe

Rachel van der Merwe

Product Owner, Security Awareness Training

Rachel is devoted to creating truly engaging and instructional online education content. Behind her sometimes serious countenance there’s a free spirit ready to support and learn.

Building on years of experience in the South African banking industry, Rachel is now on a brave new adventure with SafeStack. She loves crafting the stories and images that take learners on an interesting new journey with each module.

Rachel lives with her family in Melbourne,
and occasionally, when the fancy takes her,
she bakes until she can bake no more.

Raquel Chavez-Nguyen

Raquel Chavez-Nguyen

Business Development Manager

With experience in SaaS solutions across media and the learning and development space, Raquel works with SafeStack’s customers to define their needs and requirements and connect them with the right folk, at the right time.

As a yoga teacher, she knows how important it is to create safe environments and empower communities, making her a natural fit for translating the value of a cyber security culture that includes and supports the wider workforce. Her work with technical teams has also given her a lens on secure development.

Raquel is keen to learn about your journey with security and share how SafeStack can weave in a few lessons. She’s proud to be part of the SafeStack crew and finds inspiration from her colleagues every day.

Toni James

Toni James

Security Specialist

Toni is a security consultant, software engineer, conference organiser, committee member, speaker, and diversity and inclusion advocate.

Her experience includes providing quality customer outcomes, creating accessible and secure web applications, and penetration testing a variety of web applications, platforms, and organisational networks.

Toni is an avid snowboarder and mountain biker living with her human and fur family in the Korowai mountains. You can find her running the Christchurch Hacker Conference, attending Christchurch ISIG or Canterbury Tech meetups, or chatting with the Hacker Book Club crew.