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Cyber Security Training in Christchurch

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Who we are

SafeStack is a boutique cyber security company based in New Zealand.

We created SafeStack Academy to provide online security and privacy training that’s affordable, flexible, and accessible for all types of teams and organisations.

Wherever you are in the South Island, be that Southland, Otago, Canterbury, Marlborough, or elsewhere, our training works for you by being available online whenever you need it.

About our business

We’re security experts, and we share our expertise through our SafeStack Academy training programmes.

We believe everyone deserves to be safe online and we work hard to help companies — including smaller organisations — achieve that.

We work with small businesses, growing companies, and development teams to achieve cyber security compliance, training, and awareness.

How we can help you

Our programmes are flexible and can be adapted to meet your requirements and grow with your business.

We focus our training content around pragmatic advice you can put into practice straight away, with quizzes, labs, seminars, and other resources designed to help you apply what you’re learning and translate it into real world situations.

Our training content also meets the requirements of all major compliance regimes, like PCI DSS and SOC2, so you can rest assured you’re staying compliant and reducing your risk.