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At SafeStack Academy we provide world class cyber security training options for Secure Development, Security Awareness, and Privacy Awareness, so every role in your organisation can be equipped with the skills to protect what matters most.

Secure Development Training

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No credit card required

World class secure development training that combines self directed interactive learning with hands-on labs, monthly seminars, and office hours.

Available for individuals and teams, with a range of courses to suit software developers, testers, analysts, architects, engineers and product and design specialists.

Security Awareness Training

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No credit card required

Our Security Awareness programme provides ongoing cyber security training for small businesses.

Bite-sized and budget friendly, this programme teaches you and your team the skills you need to identify and protect what matters most to you.

Privacy Awareness Training

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Created with privacy experts from Simply Privacy, this course is designed to help New Zealand organisations understand their privacy obligations.

Made up of four short modules and available as an add-on to our Security Awareness programme, our Privacy Awareness course is full of practical information you can use right away, on topics like when you need to think about privacy law, how to handle personal information lawfully and respectfully, and the Privacy Principles and how to apply them.

Need to train a not-so-small business?

Schedule a call to discuss how SafeStack Academy can meet your Secure Development, Security Awareness, and Privacy Awareness needs with special rates and content licensing options.