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Security Awareness Training

Cyber security has an impact on every organisation, big or small.

Our Security Awareness training makes it easy for teams of all sizes to build their cyber security knowledge and skills. Bite-sized and budget friendly, our ongoing programme teaches you and your team how to identify and protect what matters most to you.

As an optional add-on, we also offer Spotted, SafeStack Academy’s simulated phishing service. Spotted creates a safe and supportive environment to test learners’ response to suspicious emails and reinforce their Security Awareness training.

Why do small businesses choose SafeStack Academy?

Compliance made easy

Meets the requirements of all major compliance regimes such as PCI DSS and SOC2.

Budget friendly

Offers affordable pricing, flexible options and no minimum seat requirements.

Ongoing training

Provides new modules and content throughout the year as part of an ongoing programme.

What modules are included in Security Awareness training?

Available now

Security Awareness modules are between 3 and 5 minutes long and are available to all our learners.

  • Passwords
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing, vishing and smishing
  • Understanding risk
  • Data handling
  • Security incidents
  • PCI DSS compliance basics
  • Security for remote working
  • Keeping your devices secure

Coming soon

New modules are released each month and cover a range of security topics and behaviours.

  • Social engineering
  • Introduction to privacy*
  • Principles and obligations of the New Zealand Privacy Act*
  • Staying secure in your workplace
  • PCI DSS for developers and engineers
  • Staying secure when you travel

* In conjunction with Simply Privacy

Optional add-on: Spotted simulated phishing service

Available as an add-on to Security Awareness training, Spotted helps learners reinforce their new knowledge by identifying suspicious emails in their day-to-day environment.

What you’ll get

  • A simulated phishing email sent to your team each month.
    We’ll send you a heads-up before this goes out, so you know what to expect and when.
  • A high level report after each simulated phishing email campaign.
    This shows you how your team is doing as a whole and keeps the experience safe and supportive by not identifying individuals.

Why use Spotted?

  • Build awareness.
    Spotted is a safe way for your team to up their awareness of phishing.
  • Reinforce learning.
    Simulated phishing gives your team a chance to use what they’ve learned about identifying suspicious emails.
  • Make reporting routine.
    Help your team get into the habit of reporting phishing attempts.
  • Track progress.
    Measure the real-life impact of Security Awareness training on your team’s behaviour.

Try our Security Awareness Training free for 14 days

See for yourself what makes SafeStack Academy different with a free trial featuring an example training module, assessment and access to our team.

Choose a plan to suit your team

Whatever your budget and security maturity, SafeStack Academy has a plan to suit your organisation.

Security Awareness


Per learner, per year

Annual subscription to the SafeStack Academy Security Awareness training programme including new modules, delivered monthly.

Security Awareness
+ Spotted


per learner, per year

Annual subscription to the SafeStack Academy Security Awareness training programme including new modules, delivered monthly


Monthly simulated phishing emails and reporting to assess learners’ response to suspicious emails and reinforce learning.

Licensed Content


Ask for details

Got your own Learning Management System (LMS)?

Content subscriptions available delivering a new SCORM module each month.

Need help educating your not so small business?

Talk to us about getting SafeStack Academy modules and courses as a content subscription for use in your organisations Learning Management System (LMS).