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Stress-free online security awareness training for small businesses

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Providing world-class online security awareness training to world-class companies:

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Security Awareness

Stress-free, online security awareness training for small businesses.

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Secure Development

Flexible online security training for Software Development teams.

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Meet compliance requirements

Meet the requirements of information security compliance schemes such as PCI DSS, ISO27000 series and SOC2 with ease with assessments and reporting.

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Manage your own training program

Assign seats/users and track progress with our self-service online portal available with no minimum seat requirements and budget friendly pricing.

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Keep your learners engaged

Featuring interactive content on a range of subjects and including new content, modules and courses delivered throughout the year.

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“SafeStack Academy allowed us to get our training rolled out fast and effectively”


“We were able to meet our compliance requirements with minimum effort, and in a way that suited our culture.”


“SafeStack Academy training is engaging and focused, no time was wasted.


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