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Included in all our Secure Development memberships, our monthly online seminars are designed to add to your learning and help you build a community of like-minded people you can share challenges and approaches with.

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Security Culture with Laura Bell

We are incredibly lucky to have Laura speak to us this month about security culture. You may recognise her voice from the SafeStack Academy courses!
During the session, you will have an opportunity to discuss specifics about security culture in your organisation, reflect on your understanding of it, and think about possible improvements to your processes.
Come along and join SafeStack Academy CEO Laura Bell, who will walk us through how to introduce and grow a thriving security culture
When: Thursday 29 July, 11:15 – 11:55am NZST

Register today and we’ll look forward to having you there.

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Get your SAST on
With SafeStack Academy CTO Jigar Patel
June 2021

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools can automatically analyse your code to find these (and more) known security vulnerabilities, before they get deployed.
In this months seminar, we’ll:
— Highlight the need for SAST in software development
— Discuss various SAST tools you can use to help find security flaws
— Talk about how some of these tools can be adopted into a typical software development life cycle
— Identify things to consider when adopting SAST as a team.

In Dependencies We Trust
With SafeStack Academy Product Owner Toni James
May 2021

In this month’s seminar, we will highlight common security issues the dev world is facing today, discuss ways to manage the multitude of updating dependencies and addressing security updates, introduce ways to investigate and analyse Software of Unknown Provenance (otherwise known as SOUP), and highlight dependencies that may be overshadowed by those prominent third party applications.

OWASP — Beyond the Top Ten
With SafeStack Academy Product Owner Toni James
April 2021

You’ll hear us talk about the OWASP Top Ten a few times in our courses, but what else does the Open Web Application Security Project have to offer and how can it help you? In this seminar, we highlight resources, community chapters, online conferences, and other ways you can get involved.

Can You Keep A Secret?
With SafeStack CTO Jeremy Stott
March 2021

Intuitively the best way to keep a secret, such as a password or a key, is never to tell it to anybody. Perhaps this is why we’re often unprepared when we actually need to share one. In this seminar, we go through some coping mechanisms to safely share secrets with your applications, servers, and pipelines.

The Alphabet of Cloud Security
With SafeStack COO Erica Anderson and CTO Jeremy Stott
February 2021

Do you find yourself ‘lost in the clouds’ when it comes to cloud solution security? Maybe you’re in a complicated cloud migration at the moment, or you’re thinking of moving to the cloud in the future and you want to know more about it. It can all be a little overwhelming regardless of where you are in the process. If you could do with some advice and guidance, check out this seminar covering the shared responsibility model, identity and access management, multi-factor authentication, resource monitoring, host-based security, and layers (like WAF, VPN, CDN, and SIEM).

Plus, a special appearance from Count von Count.

Capture the Fun in your Security Program
With SafeStack CTO Jeremy Stott and Security Advisor Toni James
December 2020

Whether you’re just starting your security journey or you’re well beyond the basics, there’s always time for fun when it comes to security learning. Capture the Flag (CTF) is a friendly competition where you search for ‘flags’ hidden in security flaws or application code. We cover what CTFs are, how to create your own CTF program, some resources for further learning, and an overview of our CTF-style labs, which are included in every SafeStack Development Academy membership.

An AppSec Guide to Incident Response
With SafeStack COO Erica Anderson and CEO Laura Bell
November 2020

What is Incident Response? How do we do it? Why do we need to know? Secure code, strong auth, added logging, and practicing social engineering scenarios are all things that can both help mitigate incidents and add a level of preparedness for when the bad things do happen. We go through what Incident Response is, and how and why development teams can help.

Level up your personal security
With SafeStack COO Erica Anderson
October 2020

From work and personal devices to neat third party applications, we walk through achievable actions to take you to the next level with your personal security and OpSec.